The Tinker Brothers

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Based out of Eindhoven, the Netherlands, their story began back in 2012 when both Liam and Noah quit their jobs and dropped out of their respective universities to pursue their dreams. Hard core. After some pyrotechnic purging they went rudimental. "Little did we know that the heavy purging served as a catalyst for our personal awakening. It was like throwing gasoline on a campfire."

Five years later, their art has a lot to say. "There is a fire burning in each and every one of us, a deeply rooted feeling that there is more to life than playing small and making a living, a fundamental truth that when it strikes will awaken you like thunder in the night — anyone who is on to this is on to greatness."

Perhaps why, the bombastic voice of the Tinker Brothers resonates so poignantly is because of the graphic purity of minimalism. With the angst of the Futurists, they pack a punch that’s pure fire and traveling at the speed of light. The message is confronting and controversial, but the truth is a hard pill to swallow.